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Digital & Data are changing the Pharma paradigm, reimagining medicines, processes and customer engagement. egg is a full service digital solutions agency, combining 20 years of award winning healthcare with 20 years of award winning consumer digital, data and technology. With 450 in-house experts, represented in 50 countries

  • We consult & advice on digital health innovation, digital strategy and digital transformation.

  • We produce & manage digital health communication campaigns and medical education programmes. 

  • We provide and manage everything from simple micro-sites right up to complex deep AI solutions.

  • We offer proprietary, Pharma specific digital listening & learning tools.

  • We build, anything from apps to wearable devices.

Life science is becoming ‘Living science’ & we are helping our clients navigate this emerging healthcare paradigm while pioneering market leading solutions driven by validated need that offer clear measurable ROI.

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egg comprises of four specialist divisions that come together to deliver unsurpassed client outcomes and #makeadifference to the lives of people living with unwanted health conditions.

The mindscape

The design lab

The copy shop

The tech factory

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