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egg is an award winning  London based full service digital innovation agency, employing market leading proprietary technology to produce totally unique customer/commercial insights that help guide our strategies, shape our designs and ultimately give our clients empirical certainty with their investment.

Oh yeah, and a distinct market place advantage! that’s been hailed by them as

‘almost unfair on the competition’ 



egg services drive positive change through a seamless fusion of strategy, design, content & technology

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Insights & Research - Our market leading proprietary technology produces unique customer/commercial insights that give our clients empirical certainty with their investment and a distinct market place advantage.

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Digital Strategy - Our strategies are derived from empirical insight, coupled with best in class, pure play digital experts consulting on all aspects of digital best practice, providing our clients with bullet proof strategies that nail business, marketing and brand objectives.

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Design & Review - UX User Experience, CX Customer Experience, UI User Interface, CJ Customer Journey, Apps , Websites, Artificial Intelligence and Service design - If it ain’t easy, intuitive, frictionless and adding value, it ain’t gonna happen!

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Thinking - We design and facilitate both innovation workshops and hacks that inspire transformational ideas and behaviours among key stakeholders, that ultimately bring about positive change.

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Content Marketing - Programmatic, SEO, Media, Content writing, Social, PPC, Organic.

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Build - Calling upon our designers, developers, software engineers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers, both in-house and via our global partners, we are able to build almost anything digital or technological at massively competitive rates.