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Digital Innovation is constantly changing business processes and customer engagement. egg is an award winning full service digital innovation agency based in London.

  • We consult on digital innovation, digital strategy, digital transformation & artificial intelligence (AI) deployment, making recommendations & connecting clients with solutions.

  • We offer all aspects of digital marketing, digital communication & digital media. 

  • We design and build bespoke digital innovation solutions from simple apps right up to high end artificial intelligence platforms.

  • We offer unique proprietary digital commercial insight solutions for strategic planning.

  • We even wearable build devices.

From our roots as a healthcare innovation agency, where life science is becoming ‘Living science’, we successfully helped our clients navigate the digital landscape despite the complex and highly regulated industry that they exist in, pioneering paradigm shifting, market leading commercial solutions and we can do the same for you.

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egg comprises of four specialist divisions that come together to deliver unsurpassed digital marketing & digital innovation solutions

The mindscape

The design lab

The cOMMS shop

The tech factory

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