digital health check


Faced with such dynamic change, companies need to know how they stack up digitally and wether they are organisationally equipped before making significant investments.


Expert analysis & insight


Using our experts and data led trough our proprietary insight tools, we provide your business with a summary report of it’s digital health, looking at the four critical aspects for commercial digital success including

  • Customer experience

  • Data and insight

  • Internal digital capability

  • Technical assessment

each one broken down into meaningful contextual and relevant. This high value service is a quick and cost effective way of providing your business absolute clarity on its current digital strengths, weaknesses and areas/opportunities for change empowering you to make informed future investment decisions. Get in touch to find out more


The Mindscape

Our innovation and strategic consultancy division works to ensure maximum ROI for our clients by pointing our advice and solutions at your ‘North Star’. Nobody wants to invest time and money into a project and see it fizzle. In the super fast paced, highly expectant digital space ‘fizzle’ is your ticket to the back of the queue. Instead we get your digital solution firing on all cylinders, by which we mean the solution works for all stakeholders, powering not only the here and now but more importantly your digital future. Our senior team bring over 100 years of combined experience across all aspects of Pharma, digital, data and technology in order to better understand the ‘need’ and ensure that our advice is aligned with your strategic imperatives. We listen and learn using our unique proprietary software tools specifically designed for the Pharma in order to ‘validate the need’ globally against all stakeholders and highlight other identified customer needs which can be aligned against those strategic business outcomes. We make no assumptions instead we use our exerts to faciltate solution workshops which bring the best, the brightest, the most creative, the most experienced and the most relevant minds together to design, validate and test the solution against the need.


The Design Lab

Award winning product, service and UX designers are who sit behind the success of our solutions. It could be an awesome, validated, clever solution but if it’s designed wrong and the end user doesn’t get it, cant use it, or doesn’t like it then you’ve almost certainly blown it. In the digital space nowadays you often only get one crack at the whip which is why it is critical to have highly experienced designers with a proven track record providing your digital solutions, you see digital consumers (your customers) are fickle, mainly because there is usually an alternative available and therefore if a digital solution doesn’t fit in beautifully with your life, why bother with it. An app for apps sake is not the way forward these days especially when it comes to consumer digital health engagement. In order for a digital healthcare solution to be successful our designers need to know more than just about the disease area and its rhetoric impacts, instead they get to know the person not the patient. Digital life moves pretty fast, so they remain engaged with these people to ensure that that the solution remains harmonious with their lives as time passes. We dont waste data as data is now the most prized commodity, the fuel that powers A.I, the A.I that is changing our world before our very eyes and being used to power Pharma R&D, clinical trials and even drug discovery. Almost everything we do and touch nowadays yields data, so our designers harness this phenomena in order to both drive and ensure those strategic imperatives are met.



The CoMMS Shop

A digital solution without valued content is like a car without fuel - You ain’t going no where without it! As such our team of corporate communication and healthcare communication experts call upon years of award winning experience to design, create and manage all of our digital campaigns, programmes and event requirements.


We develop bespoke unbranded communication shaped around our clients’ needs that are set up to generate public interest and debate.

When traditional communication approaches are struggling to get through, we tailor our approach to create unbranded communication campaigns that cut through and change public opinion.


Building brand or corporate reputation, or share of voice, also requires branded communication. Our newsroom, corporate communications and PR function is adept at ensuring you have the right messaging for your company, while also securing the highest impact through an enviable media relations offer.


Collaboration with experts and advocates enhances communication and challenges ingrained habits. It drives changes in medical practice and facilitates better care for patients while addressing our clients’ business objectives which when combined with the power and reach of digital simply awesome things happen.


The digital factory

This is where all our solutions emerge, wether they be simple micro-sites, apps, chat bots or even deep AI (Artificial Intelligence). Our solutions arrive with the client in the most agile way and to the highest possible standard, having been prototyped, robustly tested and built in the most cost effective/modular way to ensure we chase that ‘North Star’ through digital design & iteration.

Our tech developers are looped in from the very beginning to not only understand the clients requirements but also bring crucial advise early on, gleamed from previous and similar projects, to short cut what is and isn’t possible (even rapidly prototyping along the way to early validate ROI with stakeholders).

Like all good digital innovation providers we work ‘agile’ which if you’ve never heard of it, is all good stuff like improving quality, productivity and time to market amongst others important things. Our team are all ‘scrum’ trained which means we can lead the way and execute these principles or integrate easily with our clients approach.