What is digital innovation?


Digital innovation uses digital technology to enhance existing services, products and processes as well as evolve new ones.

Using propriety digital tools to empirically understand users’ needs, motivations and journeys, we work collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to identify solutions that provide the required change in a way that offers the best return on investment.


Always borne from privileged proprietary insight, extracted from a validated need, our solutions are centred around client ROI and user benefit. We ensure the outcomes of any proposed solution will hit the desired strategic objectives before we build or recommend anything.

Digital & Data are changing business processes and customer engagement, so we work to iterate solutions through ongoing insight and innovation to chase our clients ‘North Star’ in the most effective & cost effective way.

egg services

Digital Innovation & Digital Marketing solutions

  • Digital ecosystem optimisation - Nowadays every client has at least one website per country, usually with a sprinkling of apps that serve a variety of roles and now even the odd chat bot here and there. We recognise and address the critical need that a clients has to ensure that its digital ecosystem is not only harmonious (All digital assets working seamlessly together for the overall benefit of the whole business, and with no duplications) but that it is adequately understood, maintained and supported before anything else gets add to it.

  • Proprietary digital business tools - How do you empirically know that the project you are about to commission is going to give you the outcomes and ROI you are hoping for? Most agencies safe guard against this by involving stakeholders to validate ideas as standard practice, often this is coupled with desk top research and digital listening. egg of course does this, but we go a giant step further using unique proprietary digital tools that offers our clients that empirical evidence of activity outcomes and ROI. What is this digital witchcraft I hear you ask, get in touch and we’ll tell you…about this, and several other digital tricks we have up our sleeve for you and your commercial ambitions

  • Bespoke digital solution design and built - Does what it says on the tin. In the absence of an already existing digital solution that we can advise or utilise, we design and build whatever our clients need using the leading techniques and technologies to create best in class digital products that offer the greatest ROI by…well you know, the stuff we just mentioned above!

  • Digital performance - So we know that the solution will work with your business, we empirically know that the solution will deliver the desired outcomes and offer the best ROI and we ensure that the solution is designed and built using leading techniques and technologies, but this is no different to producing a rocket and putting it on the launch pad. Without fuel and a team of experts to fly it…well it ain’t gonna push the boundaries of space anytime soon. Content is our fuel and we make sure we have brewed and flight tested the very best. Finally drawing upon our 350 in house experts, we provide the very best flight team to ensure the performance and success of your project with us.

We offer a complete end-to-end innovation service.  Starting with profound opportunity insight, we then collaborate with the right people to validate the need, create bulletproof strategies, imagine and design best-in-class solutions, create epic customer experience, produce and test prototypes, complete technical development and manage project delivery and execution.


meet the team

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Chris Knight, Founder & MD

A Digital Expert, Innovation Consultant and passionate UX designer with 20 years experience. Chris brings together a team of pure-play experts to create positive innovative change. He champions, and is passionate about frictionless, sustainable innovative design that helps improve the lives of people and the planet. egg has created recognised 'break through' and award winning digital solutions in Pharma, healthcare and the music business most recently pioneering Intelligent PSPs and digital therapeutics within the Pharmaceutical industry. “I am proud to lead the egg team that provides agile, high ROI, stakeholder validated frictionless solutions to our clients that positively impacts the lives of people on a daily basis.”

Our forged partnerships have given us access to award winning design services, corporate comms, high end applied Artificial Intelligence & now 450 pure play digital experts in 26 countries, making egg globally agile & a true full service digital innovation agency.
— Chris Knight egg Founder & Managing Director

Simon Notton-Brown, Partner & Client Services Director

Simon is a creative and energetic entrepreneur who focuses on delivering results with 20years experience in managing, directing and taking responsibility for teams of market leaders to deliver results and orientated solutions ranging from logistics and fulfilment to technology and digital products that meet clients’ needs and address their key challenges.

Simon experience in programme delivery and continuous digital transformation spans Financial, Pharmaceutical, Entertainment and Education. Most recent clients include Barclays, Paysafe, Dollar Financial, Johnson & Johnson, Astra Zeneca, Novo Nordisk, Open University, Sony and Disney.


Coming Soon, Consultant Director

Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in HR Consulting, Organisational Design, Change & Effectiveness and Business Transformation. Strong professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) focused in Human Resources & Marketing from La Trobe University. As a Senior Manager in Deloitte’s UK practice, focuses on programme management and the people elements of change, primarily within the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry. With more than 14 years experience in HR consulting within Deloitte and industry HR roles, has strong organisational transformation capabilities, backed by excellent programme management and problem solving skills. 

Jag Headshot.jpeg

Jag Gill, Partner & Strategic Director


Jag has over 20 years’ management experience in both sales and business development. He has worked with numerous world-leading brands including National Geographic, Barclays, Inland Revenue, Microsoft, Adobe, EA sports, Johnson & Johnson, GSK to manage and grow their key client partnerships throughout EMEA and APAC.

Utilising his passion for innovation and a strong expertise in developing bespoke client management solutions, Jag is now leading egg’s business development team to drive long-term growth and ensure effective management of key client relationships.


When it comes to designing and developing client solutions egg is proud of producing best in class. Our highly talented award winning partner Mettle Studios provide their skills and expertise in supporting egg when called upon to ensure that our promise is always delivered.

Alex Bone.png

Alex Bone Creative Director

Alex is an award-winning product designer with three Masters degrees including Innovation Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art. He has also co-founded several startup ventures from web apps to sustainable regional product manufacture. Alex is the man for concept generation and beautiful design, and his can-do attitude brings enthusiasm to egg project work.

C Heard.png

Charlotte Heard Customer Director

Charlotte is consumer obsessed. A science geek and Neuroscience graduate, she's always been fascinated by what makes people tick. Exemplary skills in user research, innovation and communications ensures everything we do at Mettle meets and speaks to a true user need.

L Forward.png

Luke Forward Design Director

As a technological pathfinder, Luke loves to understand how things work and where we are going. Trained, practiced and honed as an industrial designer, with experience spanning composites, homewares and award-winning consumer electronics, this knowledge all comes together to form a diverse portfolio.

S Parkinson.png

Sam Parkinson Technical Director

Think of something a computer can do, and Sam can make it happen. He has doctorate in computational physics and a degree in mechanical engineering so he has some insane technical and mathematical skills. Sam is the man for technical systems design and implementation, bringing ideas and inspiration to life at egg.


Our digital solutions are only as good as the content that powers them, our award winning communications partner CHC delivers us the highest quality content, campaigns and advocacy support to ensure that our solutions are both compliant and really connect with the end user, so that we can deliver best in class solutions with maximum ROI for both client and patient

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 14.45.29.png

Jeremy Clarke CHC MD

Jez, the founder and Managing Director of Clark Health Communications, has worked in specialist healthcare communications agencies for nearly 20 years, leading award winning teams for a wide variety of clients and across a broad spectrum of projects. He is passionate about the role of communication in health and medicine. He enjoys music, growing vegetables and avoiding DIY. Jez brings the talent and award winning expertise of Clarke Health Communications to provide egg with scientific content to power our digital solutions.

Coming Soon, Comms Director

…….. brings more than 15 years’ experience from high profile healthcare communications agencies. She has delivered award winning programmes in wide-ranging therapy areas for pharmaceutical clients in both the UK and internationally. Gemma also manages a busy mini cab service for her three children, and loves a house refurb project.

Coming Soon Comms Client Director

…….. brings over 15 years’ agency experience developing, directing and implementing healthcare PR and medical education campaigns across all pharmaceutical lifecycle phases. She loves science, space exploration and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Deborah often bakes up a storm at weekends of bread and sometimes occasion cakes for family and friends. She will always be an indie kid at heart.


egg has a team of 125 software engineers and programmers which means that we rapidly produce high quality digital assets, apps, websites etc all day long, but when it comes to providing high end applied artificial intelligence we don’t mess about, egg calls upon its expert partner Filament AI to provide both the expertise and the best tools on the market to power our solutions.

phil_westcott_filament_ai_machine_learning_agency_profile_picture-200x200 (1).png

Phil Westcott Co CEO

Phil is a former director at IBM, and a specialist in applied artificial intelligence. Phil previously ran the IBM Watson platform in Europe, led their Smarter Cities business in Southeast Asia and launched IBM’s global IoT practice. He is a specialist in AI use cases, business models and enterprise transformation. He is a regular speaker on the convergence of tech and entrepreneurship. Phil is a chartered engineer and holds an MBA from IESE and Columbia business schools. Phil brings the experience and expertise of Filament to deliver the Artificial Intelligence requirements of egg projects

Doug Ayres Co CEO

Doug has over 18 years experience in the design and build of digital platforms and applications. As an experienced tech entrepreneur and team builder, he co-founded digital agency Fuse in 2004 and grew it to a size and stature before selling to IPG, a US-based global communications network. Along the way, he developed key client relationships including Unilever, Tesco, Roche, Kaspersky, Ofgem and Bacardi. Doug  brings a deep knowledge of the AI market and technology

Claire Fletcher-Hobbs CCO

Claire has been a leader in digital production businesses since 2003 and brings a highly refined skill in client services and project management. As Chief Client Officer, she lead our key relationships, delivery programmes and overall delivery capability. Claire was part of the leadership team at Fuse and Architect where she drove digital programmes with global clients including Unilever and Tesco and oversaw the agency’s output on both regional and global project delivery.

James Ravencroft CTO

James is a Machine Learning and AI software specialist. He holds a First Class (Hons) degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and is half way through a PhD in Natural Language Processing which he works on part time as well as lecturing and speaking at conferences on behalf of the University of Warwick. He has a decade of industry experience, previously working as European Solutions Architect for IBM’s Watson AI division.


450 experts, HCPs, Patients, Payers, Pharmacists, Doctorprenuers, Patientprenuers plus the egg freelancers

With more combined awards than you can shake a stick at, our experts cover all aspects of our business needs, and the needs of our clients. With access to our global partner network of 450 in-house digital experts in 26 countries egg is uniquely placed to offer one super agile cost effective way of delivering anything from small local projects to large global ones. 

All that talent, combined and topped off by our healthcare professionals (including GPs, Consultants, Payers & Pharmacists), our Doctorprenuers, our Patientprenuers and our relationship with patient groups means that we produce beautifully blended best in class solutions for our clients and in doing so, help improve the lives of people living with unwanted health conditions


Dr Alexander Finlayson

Alexander graduated Oxford before …………he went onto achieve and do………Alexnder as both a healthcare proffessional and successfull entreprenuer provides egg with strategic health insight

Mr Michael Seres,

The man that inspired egg and the reason that we strive and aspire everyday to help make a positive difference to the lives of people living with unwanted health conditions. Michael is a patient, a pioneer, an inspiration, a champion of all patients (people) living with unwanted health conditions, an entrepreneur, a speaker, a leader. Watch Michaels story to understand eggs motivation. His actions have improved and continue to improve the lives of countless people who live not only with the same condition as him but all the others that his influence has had. We work with healthcare directly and Pharma because they interface with the billions of people living with unwanted health conditions everyday and therefore thats where we need to be to help make a positive difference.