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Our AI partners have now developed 5 chat bots for Boehringer Ingelheim, 1 for Merck, 1 for GE Healthcare and 1 for Orion Pharma ranging from answering customer service questions on products, interacting with HCPs to answer common questions on particular drug use, engaging with patients regarding disease, engaging health consumers on general health and wellbeing, answering technical faults and diagnosis.

For more information or more detail on our use of AI in commercial Pharma applications email info@egg-digital.com

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Designed for Pfizer to address the draw backs of a centralised brand campaign, which despite ensuring uniformity of message and general compliance can lead to missed opportunities on a local level due to assets not being appropriate, impactful enough or compliant at that local level. Our solution allows efficient, compliant, locally relevant asset retrieval to optimise brand campaigns total reach and impact. We found that markets were more likely to activate local campaigns / use regional materials because everything is in one place and specifically tailored / programmed to each individual market’s needs.

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OMNIPA (OMNI - All seeing PA - Public Affairs)

Designed for Novo Nordisk the brief was to efficiently and effectively make sense of, and translate, the policy landscape at both a global and local level in order to positively affect policy outcome for the obesity franchise and maximise activity return on investment. Public affairs aim to influence policy, build and maintain a strong reputation and find common ground with stakeholders, but the policy landscape is like ‘ever shifting sand’ changes in personnel, public opinion, scientific data, economic data makes influencing policy via information dissemination and strategic communication a challenging and often laborious task. OMNIPA was designed to alert end user of any change, positive or negative with regards to any and or all target activity. Using AI OMNIPA understands the relationship and influence between targets to alert the end user to both opportunities and threats in real time. OMNIPA monitors all forms of publicly available digital communication as it happens, website updates, publications, social media posts, and blogs to name a few in order to provide the end user with a holistic view of the current target landscape, and provide the tools to predict and influence change. Find out more info@egg-digital.com

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Sanofi’s ambition was to adopt a strategic multi-channel approach across all of their marketing efforts in Thailand and Brazil. The challenge is to understand the online trends and landscape as well as consumer behavior and competitors in each market.
A full report on Sanofi’s online marketing strategy was done – the audit and diagnosis were rounded off with a report that would holistically inform Sanofi’s strategic multi-channel approach by country.

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A first of its kind AI chat bot used to continue care for patients diagnosed with a number of health complications including depression, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.  Designed to interact with patients following a diagnosis to support, encourage, educate and monitor progress in order to optimise treatment outcomes between consultations all in line with national treatment guidelines. In depression alone FOSTER is forecast to save the NHS £6.2Million in its first year by freeing up GP consultations and helping reduce A&E burden. 

Find out more info@egg-digital.com



We carried out research and user testing to unearth the existing pain points of the original website to validate our ideas, ensuring we designed features that were actually useful for the audience to complete their goals.

For the primary users (30-40 year-olds GPs) the main goal was to complete their CPD learning without friction. Therefore, it was paramount we developed a simple user experience that didn’t distract from the quality of Pulse-Learning’s content whilst still communicating the value in new premium features to encourage sign-ups.

Find out more info@egg-digital.com

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Diabetes budget impact tool was created for use with CCGs to address and support the Aston study, which demonstrates the false economy of a cost cutting strategy. The budget route does not necessarily generate savings. Conversely, a portfolio approach accompanied by appropriate education and SMBG can better reduce costs in the long-term. A model utilising agreed assumptions will demonstrate the findings of the study.  

Find out more info@egg-digital.com

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The first 1000 days of a babies life are crucial in its development therefore it is essential that healthcare professionals are able to offer the best advice.  We created an impactful digital education suite that validated healthcare professional learning and understanding in way that was was conducive to modern life and working pressures.  This far reaching tool kit demonstrated elevated education standards and parity of knowledge.

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AstraZeneca approached us to create a digital solution in order to allow them to host an innovative future forum, bringing together global experts in an engaging and collaborative way that would compliment and conduit ongoing engagement during and following the future forum event.

Find out more info@egg-digital.com


PROXIMITY CARE (Mettle Studios)

Proximitycare.co.uk were looking to over come the challenge that faces  those caring for someone with dementia. One of the biggest problems is wandering: a common side effect of the disease. This causes massive anxiety to the carer and risk to the patient. There are 44 million people living with dementia worldwide and this number is set double every 20 years.Button is a small wearable worn by dementia patients that emits radio signals to an app on their carer’s phone. When the patient wanders, the signal is lost and the phone alarms to warn the carer. The Button tackles the problem simply and effectively giving carers confidence and peace of mind. Find out more info@egg-digital.com


An egg propriety digital insights product available for our clients to use. VM was originally conceived from a need in the rare / sensitive disease space, to allow people to better understand what its like for an individual to live with a particular health condition.  VM calls upon fashionable wearable technology to collect unique and privileged data, before using smart digital algorithms to curate the wearers’ experience, along with their emotional and biometric responses to give a replicable experience to our third party client observers, in the first person. Find out more info@egg-digital.com



Big Life Fix a TV series commisioned the design and build of a life-changing app designed to help a tetraplegic man communicate with his family again. Built on a grid system, the app is made up of 4 sections. Attention and Quick Statements contain a selection of phrases, that when selected are sounded through the iPad. They spread across the full range of language including expletives. The Emotions section contains expressive content from clips of his favourite films or TV and the Environment section connects Graham to his smart products, enabling him to alter his surroundings, e.g. increasing the temperature, changing the lighting or play music. Find out more info@egg-digital.com

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One of our latest proprietary software tools designed to keep our clients digitally compliant. ABPI COMPLI works alongside ZINC to reach and cover the places that ZINC just cant go. Unpredictable things can happen when digital content is uploaded which can inadvertently put our clients at risk. ABPI COMPLI ensures that our clients entire digital footprint is managed and stays compliant. Find out more info@egg-digital.com


BREADCRUMBS (Mettle Studios)

Breadcrumbs is an app restoring independence and control to a visually impaired, an app that alerts when near an obstacle such as a low wall or uneven pavement. Each alarm can be set by the user by geo-tagging a location and recording an audio of their own voice specifying the nature of the obstacle and the steps required to avoid it. Each time the user nears that obstacle the alarm will sound and play back her reminder. Once the tags have been set the user can simply open the app and put their phone in her pocket or handbag, then using Bluetooth discreet headphones the user can listen to their own audio reminders hands-free, returning dignity and independence.  Find out more info@egg-digital.com


An egg proprietary tool available for use by our clients whohave the need for a temporary closed digital community or work group and do not wish to use public platforms and risk a data breach.  Prodigi offers 3 in 1 technology (collaboration, project management & Ideation) with fully bespoke design and functionality to suit any brand.  Users can share content, like and comment on shared content, keep all documents and projects in one location, create folders, arrange meetings, host webinars, instant message, prompt and capture community suggestions, ideas and innovations and much more. Find out more info@egg-digital.com


An egg proprietary tool available for our clients looking to digitally optimise trial efficiency. T360 provides the tools to help clinical trials run as smoothly as possible; saving both time and money, utilising our unique 360-degree approach, from protocol development, people and performance management to data analysis, we have all angles covered to ensure the successful completion of your trial. Reviewed in ‘Applied Clinical Trials’ T360 got rave reviews for its post trial launch ongoing interaction and mentoring.  Read the full article 'New entrant tackles trial motivation drift' here or find out more info@egg-digital.com


Email newbiz@egg-digital.com to arrange a call to discuss your needs and explore what is possible.

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