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Take a look at a selection of our work transforming business and stakeholder engagement through innovation.



VM is an example of a combined hardware/software/service product that we produced.  VM was conceived from a need in the rare and sensitive disease space, to allow people to better understand what its like for an individual to live with a particular health condition.  VM calls upon fashionable wearable technology to collect unique and privileged data, before using smart digital algorithms to curate the wearers’ experience, along with their emotional and biometric responses to give a replicable experience to our third party client observers, in the first person. Find out more


Prodigi is used by clients who wish to build private closed communities and groups not using public platforms.  Prodigi offers 3 in 1 technology (collaboration, project management & Ideation) with fully bespoke design and functionality to suit any brand.  Users can share content, like and comment on shared content, keep all documents and projects in one location, create folders, arrange meetings, host webinars, instant message, prompt and capture community suggestions, ideas and innovations and much more. Find out more


Trial 360 provides the tools to help clinical trials run as smoothly as possible; saving both time and money, utilising our unique 360-degree approach, from protocol development, people and performance management to data analysis, we have all angles covered to ensure the successful completion of your trial. Reviewed in ‘Applied Clinical Trials’ T360 got rave reviewsfor its post trial launch ongoing interaction and mentoring.  Read the full article 'New entrant tackles trial motivation drift' here or find out more

Mettle Studios - eggs technical partners



Proximity Button is a small wearable worn by dementia patients that emits radio signals to an app on their carer’s phone. When the patient wanders, the signal is lost and the phone alarms to warn the carer. The Button tackles the problem simply and effectively giving carers confidence and peace of mind. Find out more



Reaction Pad is a life-changing app designed to help a tetraplegic man communicate with his family again. Built on a grid system, the app is made up of 4 sections. Attention and Quick Statements contain a selection of phrases, that when selected are sounded through the iPad. They spread across the full range of language including expletives. The Emotions section contains expressive content from clips of his favourite films or TV and the Environment section connects Graham to his smart products, enabling him to alter his surroundings, e.g. increasing the temperature, changing the lighting or play music. Find out more



Breadcrumbs is an app restoring independence and control to a visually impaired, an app that alerts when near an obstacle such as a low wall or uneven pavement. Each alarm can be set by the user by geo-tagging a location and recording an audio of their own voice specifying the nature of the obstacle and the steps required to avoid it. Each time the user nears that obstacle the alarm will sound and play back her reminder.

Once the tags have been set the user can simply open the app and put their phone in her pocket or handbag, then using Bluetooth discreet headphones the user can listen to their own audio reminders hands-free, returning dignity and independence.  Find out more

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