Expert patients. Expert process. Expert people.

How we do it


We hack the brief

We bring together all the key stakeholders into expert facilitated workshops, creating a ‘melting pot’ of talent, expertise, insight and passion to truly explore and understand the challenge.  This is how we arrive at the most innovative theoretical solutions that are meaningful to all stakeholders and truly address the customers’ needs.



We go beyond Insights

The customer or the end user has to be at the heart of the innovation so we immerse ourselves into the lives of the customer/end user to achieve profound and privileged insights, focus groups and ethnographic studies are so last decade, at egg we also call upon our own propriety technology ‘Virtual Mile’ to go beyond and achieve profound privileged insight gold



We go agile

The benefits of ‘going agile’ if you’ve never heard of it, its all good stuff like improving quality, productivity and time to market amongst others important things and our team are all ‘scrum’ trained which means we can lead the way and execute these principles or integrate easily with our clients approach.



We test the theory

By rapidly producing and road testing working prototypes using a variety of egg facilities we avoid unnecessary or unforeseen pitt falls, tweaking and changing quickly and efficiently where necessary to resolve issues and ensure the final product or service is nothing short of brilliant