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VEN is our totally unique, proprietary market insight tool that’s transforming business by providing data that empowers companies to make strategic commercial decisions with empirical certainty. VEN highlights real time market opportunities by identifying validated unmet customer need that even the customers themselves are unaware of (you only know what you know) Confused? Read on.


Ask a customers directly what they need and you’ll definitely get an answer which might be truthful, it might be what they think you want to hear, or it might be only what they want you to hear. Ask 100 customers and suddenly the picture becomes clearer as trends and patterns emerge. Better still, don’t ask the question at all, instead listen to ALL of your customers in a naturalistic setting and understand exactly what they need.

We all search online for whatever we are looking for, we also search online to find answers to our questions. The search footprint that we leave, and the number of other people that also have that same search footprint tells us the demand.

Not rocket science so far, but this is only half the story, because despite now knowing what your customers most commonly search for is not enough to base any commercial strategy. Why not? Read on


Because you’re not the only one who can figure this out. Those searches throw up pages of results with your competitors all offering answers and solutions, enticing customers through the virtual door to engage with their brand - Don’t get us wrong, if you’re a serious player this where you need to be as you’ve got to be in it to win it, but you probably already are! Developing exciting new content across all the digital channels, using third party influencers and paying to be found along with everyone else.

But wouldn’t it be nice if there were other significant groups of your customers out there searching for answers and solutions that very few of your competitors knew about, or at least had no idea of the scale of interest. By understanding what this group of customers need, providing the answers and proactively reaching out to them suddenly your market share has just increased.

As you know, customers go on a journey pre- commercial engagement, during commercial engagement and post commercial engagement with a complex search footprint at every step along the way. VEN maps this journey for you to help you identify those pockets of unmet and over serviced need. Still confused? Read on


It’s simple it’s supply and demand 101.

If we know the demand at every stage of the customers journey we can effectively identify a priority list of needs based on customer search volume. If we then look at who is providing answers and solutions (the supply) to those identified needs we can see which needs are being best addressed and which are going neglected or even unserviced. It’s this information that allows our clients to decide where and what activity to invest in for the best return and outcome.

In addition, by understanding in depth the requirement/context behind each need through the variety and popularity of search terms used our clients can not only focus their activity in the most rewarding places but also produce content that is guaranteed to resonate with the customer optimising engagement and activation.

And thats the power of VEN and what it can do for your business


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PROJECT DESCRIPTION - COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Yes this is us, but we recently ran our own project off the back of an innovation workshop with a group of COPD suffers. The disconnect that we identified between patient need and industry offered such a tantalising opportunity for transformation in this disease area that we simply had to run it through VEN and the results supported our theory. We identified almost 2500 different search terms and phrases which VEN went looking for in the titles of 20 online COPD content providers (Commercial and educational)


We are currently engaging with industry to find a suitable recipient of our results who is looking to make a difference in the COPD space.

Headline outcomes:

Nearly 50% of all targeted online digital engagement with COPD suffers is reaching an interested audience of only 12%

23% of online COPD suffers are looking for engagement that is currently met by only 1% of industry providers

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