Virgo Health has marked the official launch of its healthcare innovation hub, egg, with its first two proprietary white-label products, PRODIGI and TRIAL360.

Egg’s mission is to create products that make a meaningful every day difference to patients, healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry. Egg offers an innovation service to support organisations in solving problems and challenges through a unique process which achieves profound understanding from insight, looking at areas of unmet need through a different lens to create solutions that transform lives.

Ondine Whittington, Managing Director at Virgo Health said, “Over the last few years we have seen increasing expectation from those responsible for reimbursing and providing access to medicines for pharma to focus on not only providing effective medicines, but also on the holistic health of a patient to improve outcomesand lower costs. Egg, powered by the deep expertise and heritage of Virgo Health, can support industry to work out what services patients and healthcare professionals really need and want, and how the reimbursement process is evolving to support provision of such services.”

PRODIGI is white-label technology to create closed, purpose-built digital networks enabling organisations to facilitate improved collaborative working, best practice sharing, ongoing professional development and health education whilst learning from the insights captured.   

A PRODIGI network is used and endorsed by Imperial College Health Partners as part of Digital Health London, a digital hub to assist in the adoption of digital innovations to solve today’s challenges impacting the delivery of care in the UK.  They are using the technology to create a private online community of practitioners focused in the area of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) to facilitate better collaborative working, with the aim of better understanding how innovations and improvements can be more easily adopted throughout the AF pathway to improve the quality of life for patients and increase efficiency in health care delivery.

We are just at the start of our exciting journey with this technology, working to develop our platform to become the ‘go to’ place for our project community for focused discussions, innovative collaboration, expert opinion and cutting-edge resource.
— Shirlene Oh, Head of Industry, Imperial College Health Partners

Chris Knight, Egg Innovation Director at Virgo Health said, “The pharma industry has historically invested heavily in establishing and maintaining professional relationships but traditional face-to-face interactions have become increasingly challenging and fragmented, putting a significant brake on progress and innovation. What’s more, the digital landscape is shifting, people are increasingly looking for online networks that are focused and relevant to them not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, particularly in a professional setting.  Now is the time for private, closed, online networks where stakeholders can be engaged with content and peers in an environment they need and want. By licensing the PRODIGI software, pharma can now easily create tailored, closed professional networks for specific groups to seek unique insights and help drive innovation and engagement.”

TRIAL360 is a digital platform enabling maximum clinical trial efficiencies, without compromising standards. It has been developed to encompass all aspects of trial design and execution. It offers quality and convenient training, comprehensive resources, expert support and opportunities for collaborative networking for pharma, investigators and experts all in one place, as well as providing a separate forum for patients to find out more about a clinical trial and access supporting materials after recruitment. It has a proven track record in offering superior clinical trial success – better fulfilling the needs of investigators and patients to help run clinical trials effectively and efficiently.

Katherine Mantell, Head of Virgo Health’s medical education division said, “Increasing the effectiveness of learning and the efficiency of all professional participants, TRIAL360 enables you to build your very own online training platform so that face-to-face time can be better utilised. It offers a new degree of convenience and flexibility through bite-size on-demand sessions, ensuring better data accuracy and compliance across study sites globally. It can house personalised learning plans and bespoke training modules – from disease background and study protocols to safety reporting process and data management – which maximise visual and active content to promote knowledge retention.”