CX (customer experience)  is what makes or breaks a brand these days. But what is CX and how do you achieve great CX in healthcare?

Nowadays we have an expectation that a ‘product’ will come with a ‘wraparound’ service (CX). A wraparound service is something that makes a product work more efficiently and conducive to our modern time poor lives. Once we have experienced a product with a great wraparound service, it is very difficult for us to then go back to the old version, it’s like our eyes have been opened to a better more efficient and more palatable way of doing things. An example of this would be to consider a taxi service as the product, and then compare Uber versus a traditional minicab. Both offer an A-to-B service, but one has become a brand icon with millions of loyal customers. Can pharma learn from this and truly go beyond the pill, be patient-centric and add value?


With one tap of the Uber app you can see taxi availability in your current locality, see how long it will take for a car to reach you, choose the type of car you want for your journey (standard, executive, luxury, people carrier etc) and place your request, which all means that you can plan your journey in the most efficient manner. No looking up numbers, no phone calls, no waiting, no disruption. Just quick and simple with all the info you need. But it doesn’t end there, the car you have choosen then makes its way to your exact location, and the app visually tracks and reports the car’s location and ETA, so you can continue to enjoy your own space until the car arrives, meaning you can relax and get on with other aspects of your life.


When the driver arrives he/she knows who you are and where you are going which means you don’t have to worry about someone else pinching your ride. Once inside the car the driver knows that you are able to ‘rate’ them which helps ensure the experience is of a high standard. GPS and traffic positioning volume technology should mean you are being taken the fastest and most efficient route to your destination, again meaning you can relax and use the journey to address other aspects of your life.


You already know and have agreed the cost upfront so payment is completed via an automatic digital transaction which means you don’t have to sit in the back of the car watching the meter and counting out coins, or worse having to pull over at a cash machine. Instead you simply say goodbye at your destination and walk away.


We live in a connected social world, I can’t remember how I first heard about Uber but it definitely was not from an advert or piece of marketing. Nowadays when people like your CX they will promote your brand far and wide among other like-minded people hence my original statement in this article – CX = Brand.

Uber is still at its core just an A-to-B taxi service, but the wraparound service it offers means that the CX is far more efficient, conducive and complimentary to our modern lives. It allows us to seamlessly and smoothly get from A to B, but more importantly it allows us to get on with other aspects of our life by minimising the time, impact and disruption of planning, booking and executing a taxi journey, and this is why Uber is the success that it is.

There are more and more brands that are offering these great customer experiences - like Airbnb, Deliveroo etc all of which begin to complement each other, eg having just used your Uber app, you can use your Airbnb app while not giving your driver directions to book your weekend getaway, after which you can use your Deliveroo app to order your dinner for the moment you arrive home.

These brands disrupt traditional experience, and therefore we naturally form higher expectations, and as such we begin to reject products that don’t offer a great CX and seek out those that do.

The digital revolution will infiltrate and impact every industry and healthcare is no exception, after all healthcare professionals are no different to anyone else. In fact they are currently more time-poor and under-resourced than ever before. Healthcare professionals are expected to achieve more with less and as such deserve services that help them achieve this, that are conducive to their way of life and that actually improve outcomes.

We are currently in the eye of the digital storm! The healthcare professional digital space, like every other, is soon going to be awash with technologies that will improve efficiencies and provide an improved CX. The time is now to get on-board because once the eyes of the healthcare professionals has been opened, much like with the Uber example discussed earlier, there will be no going back. As such there are vast opportunities within this digital space and healthcare innovation hubs, including egg are constantly looking for these new solutions.

Pharma are all great taxis providing a great A-B service, but the one that becomes Uber will achieve unparalleled brand loyalty. Just consider the ‘Pre’, the ‘During’ and the ‘Completion’ experience of your key customers.

Chris Knight