egg joins the fight against #dementia

So we are proud to announce that egg has joined the fight against #dementia with a white paper to prove it (details of how to request a copy below).  To ‘hack’ a problem, is to find a new innovative way around a problem, done by looking at the problem a different way.  @stevenkotler has proven that biology is hackable and because #dementia is biology, egg has been trying to hack it.

Dare I remind us of some stats? Like that there are 44 million suffers from #dementia globally, with a predicted 13 million new cases expected in the US alone in the coming years!  That’s 44 million families destroyed, with another 13 million unsuspecting families destined for the same cruel erasing of someone they love. 

And lets talk money! The total cost of #dementia in the UK alone is £26.3 billion. The NHS picks up £4.3 billion of the costs and social care £10.3 billion. Of the £10.3 billion in social care costs, £4.5 billion is attributed to local authority social services for state funded care, yet dementia still takes a back seat compared to other diseases like cancer in terms of its funding (Not suggesting that any one horrific disease is an more deserving or important than another)

Pharma has been valiantly leading the fight, but despite us knowing about #dementia for nearly 100 years we are still no closer to a preventing, or a curing it - In fact you could say that the science we have been pursuing has led us up the garden path!  So while Pharma continues to work with science, and we patiently wait for the cure, egg has been looking to the IOT technologies that are shaping this world faster than anything, or any other time, in history as a way of trying to get on board to join the fight with Pharma. 

Could technology work with biology to help slow or even prevent #dementia?…egg believes it might just be able too with the right peoples input and help.  

See what you think! Read our white paper, explore our theories, our proposed solution and if you can…join the fight!

Request a copy  or download it here

Chris Knight